The Community

The online home for makers learning (and dreaming of) how to make a living from the things we make.

Because TOGETHER, we've got this.

"The Community is a safe space where you can discuss the nuances of [making & business] with a group of peers from all different backgrounds and experience levels." 

-Kat A.



Saving Time

The Community is the place to help quiet those 2:00AM thoughts that pop into your mind and keep you awake all night. You know the ones: "Should I use Etsy or build my own website? How often do I have to post on Instagram? What if someone asks for a refund? Wait, can someone help me finalize my pricing?!"

The questions are endless, and YouTube isn't really all that helpful, is it? Answering these questions requires nuance. The Community is the one space online where members welcome a deeper conversation.


Community support is exactly how I’ve been able to grow my own small business(es) over the last 13 years. At every stage - those early months when I knew absolutely nothing or years later when it was time to grow in a big way  - I’ve leaned on colleagues and mentors to guide and encourage me (and avoid mistakes).

At its core, The Community is built with intention - to ensure we all avoid the mindless scroll. Rather than sit and listen to one person give advice (like an online course), The Community is a place to harness the power of diverse experiences and spur discussion between many makers.


While platforms like Patreon are great for consuming educational content from amazing teachers, they aren’t built for easy discussion between students. The Community is built on a platform rooted in the importance of growing our relationships, both in a group and one-on-one.

You can chat privately with other members or post publicly and kickstart a larger conversation. Whether you want to chime in on an existing topic or start your own, you can find a space that suits your comfort level (Note: this is not a private Facebook group! The Community is here to save time, not be a time suck).

I love the fact that there are other makers in The Community that know exactly what the maker lifestyle is really about. The outpouring of knowledge and support is fantastic and very welcoming. A very safe space to grow both personally and professionally.

— Karen C.

The Community provides sustainable inspiration, encouragement, guidance, and support for makers all over the world, at any stage of experience.

But What's Included?

  • Themed Discussions on anything from pricing to Instagram to eco-friendly packaging and everything in between
  • Live Member Hangouts
  • Monthly Photo Q&A with Rebecca
  • Member Studio Tours
  • Optional critique opportunities
  • And more! The Community is constantly growing thanks to our members' suggestions.


Have you ever experienced the unique sense of relief when you sit down with someone that does the same thing you do?
You don’t have to explain why wrapping up something you've made and handing it over to the postal service causes you to loose sleep. They understand how daunting sharing a photo on Instagram can feel. You can dive deep into nuanced conversations without have to explain yourself because other makers get it...

That is what you'll find inside The Community.



"There is nothing more powerful than the community. A warm and diverse group of makers, who 'get it' and support each other through it all, really makes a difference for me. I love that I can be honest and vulnerable about challenges and get real advice from others who are on a similar path."

- Bill S, USA

"I completely love the community! If I have questions in business or in making or I’m simply curious what others do, the community is always there 🤍 The people in here are so nice and open and we help each other out as best as we can. My favorite part is our live sessions where we talk all things about a specific monthly topic. I’m mean having real people talking all things ceramics, business and life all the time and knowing that they actually understand, it is seriously priceless"

- Yvonne R, Austria

"It’s great to have windows into other people’s practice and knowledge…but it’s equally great to feel that sometimes I can also share ideas and experiences with others… I work alone in my home studio, so it makes such a difference to feel connected to others with similar challenges, goals and experiences…"

- Rhianon V, Australia

Together, we can do this.

If you're going to make this crazy thing work (you know, the whole making a living from the things you make, thing?), you need a support system that is more than well-meaning loved ones. They are important, of course (Hi Dad!!), but they don’t always understand what we’re going through, do they? The last time I tried to ask my friends about their thoughts on an Instagram marketing strategy, they looked at my like I had 3 heads. And that was before the plates at the restaurant arrived to the table and I began rambling on about glaze chemistry... We makers are a special group. Having a group of friends & colleagues who understand naturally, without explanation, is invaluable.

13 years ago I had no idea what I was doing. 

I stumbled into a photography conference that just so happened to also have an online platform component available after the conference was over. Through the sheer luck of finding myself in this online community, I not only made lifelong friends (Hi Brian!), I also had a network of colleagues and mentors to lean on. In the months to come, I would text message a new friend with endless questions as I built a website for the very first time. Years later, another friend I had met through that same community would guide me in launching my second business (Thanks, Jeff!). I know without a doubt that I would not have the business I have today without the support of a community of colleagues. 

The depth of this support is what I dream about bringing to the maker community. Not only tactical how-to’s from the makers that have come before you, but side-by-side emotional support when the going gets tough. Because if there’s one other thing I know it is this: Making a living from the things you make is a marathon, not a sprint.

While it might be hard, it’s a heck of a lot more enjoyable with friends by your side.

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